Academic Education Standards


1. High School Diploma or GED

2. Academic Degrees or College Credits for AAC (Track 1 & 2) , ADC, ACC:

a. from an accredited college or university, acredited by the US Department of Educationb. a variety of degrees and college courses are accepted, provided the course content areas are met c. no time limit for college degree or credits d. required coursework areas must be a grade of “C” or better e. nursing schools, technical credits, and foreign transcripts must be accompanied by an official evaluation from an accredited US College,University or Independant Agency. f. see applicable course work areas below #3

3. Numbers and Areas of Applicable Course Work

A — English

1. English Composition/Freshman English
2. Report Writing/Creative Writing
3. Technical Writing

B — Art / Recreation / Programming

4. Speech, Drama, Languages, Non-Verbal Communication
5. Art Appreciation & Theory, Creative Arts
6. Music Appreciation & Theory, Performing Arts
7. Spirituality, Religion, Theology
8. Leisure Education
9. Literature

C — Sciences

10. Gerontology, Aging
11. Psychology, Human Development, Counseling
12. Sociology, Death & Dying
13. Health Services, Public Health, Non-Traditional Health, Pharmacology
14. Wellness, Fitness, Movement, Dance, PE
15. Therapies (Occupational, Recreational, Dance, Music, Speech, Physical)
16. Biological Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Biology of Aging)
17. Human Services (Behavior Management, Stress Management, Family
Services, Management Theory)
18. Generational Diversity

D — Management

19. Communication Arts, Graphics, Journalism, Media
20. Leadership, Group Dynamics, Interpersonal Relationships
21. Professional Development, Ethics
22. Administrative Practices, Personnel, Marketing, Statistics
23. Community Relations, Public Relations, Public Speaking
24. Education Theory & Practice, Adult Learning, Curriculum Development
25. Computer Science, Software Development, Data Entry
26. Budget, Math, Finance, Accounting Statistics
27. Western Civilization, American Government, World History

4. Amount of required course work needed (depending on track chosen):
All tracks requiring college credit contain a requirement for an English course. See each track for specific information.

5. Comparing semester to quarter credits/units:
One semester credit/unit = 1.5 quarter credit/units

6. Documentation needed to verify academic education:

a. copy of High School Diploma or GED

b. OFFICIAL transcript from each college or university referred to in your application (Student copies are not acceptable). Foreign transcripts and credits received from technical institutions or nursing schools must be accompanied by an official evaluation from an accredited US and Canadian College, University or Independent Agency.