Activity Experience Standards


1. Applicable activity work experience:

a. directly working with activity programming/documentation 50% of the time (the other 50% can be indirectly working with activities, ie Restorative, CNA, Rehab etc)
b. 50% or more of residents/clients are 55 yrs. old and over
c. 20% of this experience can be overtime
d. 20% of this experience can be volunteer work
e. internship if not included in academic credits

2. Activity experience dates:

AAC, ACC, ADC, and ADPC within past 5 years

3. Documentation of activity experience (sample letter enclosed in the application packet)

a. on facility or program letterhead
b. verify each aspect used, from B. 1-2 above
c. letter must verify:

1) employee title
2) dates of beginning and end of employment (within the last 5 years only for AAC, HCC,  ADC, ADPC, & ACC)
3) defines type of population served
4) states actual total hours of activity experience to date of letter (Be specific and state the number of hours worked. Example: 20 hours a week. Stating full time or part time is not acceptable.)

d. letter signed by administrator, program director or supervisor