Adult Days Services Certified (ADSC)

NCCAP has made available a level of certification specific to those working in the Adult Day Services Industry. NCCAP believes this will help to facilitate the following:

– Set standards for minimum criteria for this field
– Be a professional stepping stone to becoming an ADC
– Recruit interest in the activity profession
– Recruit interest in NCCAP certification

Requirements for ADSC
1.High School diploma/GED
2.Completion of the MEPAP part 1 course
3.Two years {4000 hours} of Adult Day Services experience
4.20 hours of continuing education.

If you meet the above criteria:
1. complete the current NCCAP application
2. complete this ADS form
3. submit the required documentation per NCCAP standards
4. submit the appropriate fee(s)

*In order to level change to an ADC, ALL ADC requirements must be met – to include the National Exam


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