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While my schedule is always SO crazy busy and quite diverse, this time of year is even a bit more full with the addition of all the fall activity conferences that I have the privilege of being invited to speak at each year. Something like 32 states hold their activity conferences in the fall, sometime between the end of July and early November. I thought it would be fun to give a SHOUT OUT to those AWESOME core group of people that work SO tirelessly to make certain that the activity conference comes off without a hitch for their participants. You know the “work horses”, the ones that hold down the fort, often go through sleepless nights tying up all the loose ends the night before the event? Those crazy, amazing folks who care SO much about their association and the activity profession that they do whatever it takes to make the venue most successful? The Marys , Annes, Pattys, Vickys, Tias, Lindas, Johnnys, Kathys, Christinas, Jos, Tricias, Joan Maries, Sharons, etc etc etc etc etc and numerous others out there that often go unthanked for all they do. On behalf of the profession, the activity personnel that benefit from your efforts and myself, I thank you for ALL you do – you truly are TOPS in my book!


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