Consulting Experience


1. Applicable activity consultant experience must meet criteria of B.1. a-d and may be a combination of:

a. one-to-one activity consultation
b. teaching a class and workshop of at least one hour

1) count the actual teaching time of presentation each time it is given
2) content from:

a) applicable course work (see A.3.)
b) teaching Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP).
c) acting as a practicum supervisor up to 20%.

c. published articles

1) count 1 hour of consulting for each 400-600 words up to 20%
2) include a copy of published materials or link with application

d. may count up to 40 hours direct on-site supervision of activities related practicum
e. may count hours managing an activity staff of 5 or more persons at the rate of 6 hours per month up to 100 hours
f. at least 40 hours of consulting must occur outside place of current employment
g. at least 40 hours of consultation must be direct activity consultation

h. Activity Consultant Track 3 Candidate contact NCCAP office to obtain details about Track 3 requirements

2. Consulting Experience Dates: 200 hours consulting experience must be from within the last 3 years.

3. Documentation of consulting experience

a. on facility or program letterhead (sample letter format enclosed in the application packet)
b. verify each aspect used, from D.1 above
c. letter(s) also verifies:

1) employee title
2) dates of beginning and end of employment (within the last 3 years only)
3) states actual total hours of experience to date of letter

d. letter signed by administrator, program director, or supervisor
e. for all teaching submit a copy of advertising document, a copy of certificate of attendance, and verification that the session was presented (see
C.4.f) including:

1) title of educational offering
2) date and time of day offered (e.g., 3-15-17, 1:00–3:00)
3) place of presentation
4) presenter’s name and qualification for teaching: degree, or certification number, or experience