Dependency at its best –

Remember the days when you actually knew your friends phone numbers? Barely right? We don’t need to know them as we can just push a button on the smart phone, or direct the smart phone to dial a number to talk. What about when we used to consider buying something and then decided against it after a couple days, now we simply wish for something direct the computer/phone to google it and poof within seconds it’s been purchased. I even have a friend that can order items through her touch phone without even looking at her phone. I don’t know about you but I have been at jobs where if the internet is down, work ceases for the day. Now I can do some things without internet access, yet as the society becomes more and more dependent on technology so are we here at NCCAP. Thankful for a really great friend who just happens to be an IT geek – and he actually thinks that’s a compliment – LOL. In any event – thankful for SMART phones, my genius daughter (and NCCAP staffer) Kelly who keeps me abreast of all the things I’m supposed to be changing, or better yet simply does it for me, grateful to my amazing friend Jon for the IT help, the pretty consistent internet and the improved technology that can only prove to assist more people in a more efficient manner. So, I will give you a call…wait, what’s your number??? Until next time –


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