Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…

This proverb references when someone gives you a GIFT (the horse) to not look it in the mouth. As the practice of evaluating the age of the horse was to look at their teeth (long in the tooth – old). Point being, when someone does something for you, appreciate it! Rather than analyze it or shun it, simply enjoy it for all its worth. The “window of opportunity” for the ADC Track 6, is a prime example of this proverb. There are individuals that now do not need any college classes, and most are obviously happy, those that have worked their entire careers in the facilities yet never attended or perhaps were not afforded the opportunity or put in a position that allowed them to complete any formal educational classes. One of the Track 6 requirements is that an individual have CURRENT activity documentation training to be certain that they are well versed in the mandatory forms and procedures set forth by CMS for SNF’s. I had a person contact the office last week stating how “unfair” it was to be forced to take a class on documentation practices. She said “why do I need to know about the MSDS anyhow, it’s not like we complete it, the nurses do”. After sharing with her the difference between an MSDS sheet and the MDS, I then shared with her that she didn’t have to take advantage of the opportunity, if she’d rather pay for and attend the 12 college credits, it was her choice, to which she said “YES, I’d rather go to college than be forced to take a stupid class on care planning”. No more than 10 minutes later, she called to inquire how to get the 10 hours of CE’s as the college told her each class would be $2,740.00 per credit hour….hum. Moral of the story, don’t inspect it to make sure it matches some standard you have, just be grateful!


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