Grey skies are gonna clear up….

WOW , I had an epiphany this week while speaking at the Florida Activity Conference (FHCACA) in St Pete’s Beach, FL, it was AMAZING! As I was sharing how we should eliminate the NEGATIVITY from our lives, it hit me, that I was being hypocritical, that I TOO needed to do JUST that! So, having said that, things look MUCH clearer this week, I’m much more focused and am READY to MOVE FORWARD in a POSITIVE way. Those that wish to do so with me, I welcome, those that don’t can pursue a different direction. It’s amazing how a little perspective goes a long way – I had such a support system in FL, and enjoyed the time tremendously. I encourage ALL of you to find those individuals that are supportive of all you do, that encourage and uplift you, that reward your efforts, and that remind you each and every day to Never Underestimate the Value and Important Difference you make in every life you touch, for the Impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect for tomorrow..”Put on a Happy Face” (1960 Bye Bye Birdie, {Van Dyke and Leigh} also sang by Tony Bennett).


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