Heaven only knows…

There are many thoughts and ideas of what heaven truly holds in store for individuals after they pass. Truth be told, there are many that do not believe that there is a heaven. Everyone is certainly free to believe how they choose of course. With the recent deaths in my life, I have heard a multitude of expressions from well-meaning individuals to include; “you will see them again someday” or “atleast they are no longer in pain” and even “well they can now have drinks with my momma”. Again, all nice thoughts and sentiments from those not knowing what to say, yet trying to say something that will give the grieving person hope and perhaps lesson the grief in the process. I have thought a lot about this in recent weeks, wondering what could possibly be said that would be any “better” or more “helpful” than the common statements that most share. I typically try to focus on the person that is still here. I like to share with the person how much of a difference that being in their loved one’s life made while they were here on earth. How their love and involvement when they were alive, made all the difference in the world. I think it goes to the thought process of appreciating individuals while we still can. MY BFF’s hubby recently posted this on his facebook page “ Make the most of your day. You never know when God has you on his guest list for dinner”. I truly believe those words. Have you done the most with your day? Activity professionals have this down to a science when it comes to their residents/clients in their facilities. They can assist their folks in meaningful live experiences. What about for yourselves?? If tomorrow never came, are you pleased with how today will end? Thoughts to ponder…..


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