MemberClicks, Renewals, and Call To Action
Memberclicks--- We are happy to announce that coming late fall early winter that there will be a new website and database that will be your one stop shop for everything NCCAP!  We listened to your need for being able to do everything online which will include uploading your renewals and so much more! Expired Certification--- We are also happy to announce that if your certification is currently expired and your renewal date was due in 2016-June 30th 2017 that we are offering to waive the late fee/reinstatement fee for a limited time. If your renewal date was during the noted time frame, your renewal must be postmarked between July 1, 2017-Oct 31, 2017 for the fees to be waived. Fees are not waived if your renewal was postmarked prior to July 1, 2017. Call To Action--- November 4th, 2017, Embassy Suites, Raleigh NC, More Information Coming Soon!

Is There A Renewal Required?


1. Renewal is required every two years.Late renewals do NOT change the two year period

2. To renew you need to acquire continuing education during the two years after initial certification.

a. AAC or HCC or AAPC — 20 hours continuing education
b. ADC or ADPC — 30 hours continuing education
c. ACC — 40 hours continuing education

d. Specializations require an additional 10 hours of continuing education in that specialty.

3. Applicable continuing education (see page 6) CE’s must be listed on the renewal form to be accepted.

4. For all levels of certification the renewal fee is US $75.00

5. The completed renewal form, necessary documents and appropriate fee(s) must be postmarked prior to the expiration date on the renewal form or a late fee of $55.00 will be assessed. Renewals received without appropriate form and/or amount of payment are considered late and incomplete. ($75.00 renewal + $55.00 Late Fee = $135.00 due)

6. The month of renewal remains the same as the Initial Certification. The year increases by two, therefore the date of the renewal does not change the renewal date.

7. Renewal forms are sent 90 days prior to expiration to allow proper completion, return to NCCAP and 6-8 weeks processing time before your expiration date. Certification status can only be given after review and approval are complete.

8. After one year of expiration of certification, you must re-apply, pay necessary reinstatement fees and meet the current certification standards in effect at that time.