Like losing my right arm…

I have always associated that expression with the meaning of “someone that is so very important to you”, that’s indispensable, dedicated, supportive to a fault, and while I understand it’s an expression, I also ran into an individual at a store the other day, who literally was missing the lower part of her right arm. I watched her as she struggled to balance her items, give the cashier the proper amount for her tab and such (of course I offered to assist her) yet she was determined to do it independently. I pondered if I would be so brave to be doing it all by myself, so courageous to go about life and succeed at the activities of daily living after such a loss. I have utilized that expression with the recent void left here at NCCAP with the resignation of Audrey Stowers after 21 years of employment with NCCAP. NCCAP hired Audrey after she retired from the Civil Service, and we were so fortunate to have her all these years, answering phones, assisting so many if not all of you with your very individualized needs and requests and so forth. I met Audrey when my children now 26 and 29 were only 4 and 7 – she liked to reminisce in the last few years about how young I was and how she has loved to watch the family grow into what it has become today both personally and professionally. I’m not sure what I will miss the most; her ability to remember each and every person and their personal stories, her ability to understand everyone on the telephone, her willingness to do just about anything to help another achieve their goals of becoming certified with NCCAP, or the more personal things like my daily perfect cup of coffee, and my cheek being kissed each and every morning, with the words, “I love you Cindy and I love my job”. Yea..probably that last one…


Special thanks to Audrey for her dedication and years of service and hugs to you and the NCCAP staff as you adjust to her absence.

No matter how much time goes by, I still think of Audrey and miss hearing her voice on the other end of the line when I call. Many thanks to Audrey for her commitment to NCCAP.

I understand – I miss my daily kiss at the door, and my coffee…but am grateful to still be able to see her, I visit her about 1 x wkly and take her lunch when I’m in town – awesome lady!

Audrey’s voice radiated pure kindness on the telephone. I would greet her with Hi Audrey, this is Lynn from Beaumont, Texas. Audrey would say, “how is Texas?” She could promptly answer my questions or refer me. She built a trusting relationship. She has a knowledgeable voice that cared about successful programming. I am thankful for the many years of Audrey’s guidance.

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