NCCAP Advocacy opportunities

NCCAP continues to offer to the state representatives, and others that are advocating NCCAP certification the supplies and tools necessary* to facilitate a session on HOW TO obtain NCCAP certification (power points and handouts), or to “man” an NCCAP booth in a vendor show case (table top displays, and give aways and fliers).

NCCAP continues to offer this to other associations/state associations as well. Many state/and organizations have been most accommodating in allowing/granting NCCAP a free vendor booth at their conferences, asking nothing in return, simply as a means to support their national activity credential and we greatly appreciate and respect their level of professionalism.

So, with SOOO many conferences coming up, please remember to let us know how we can assist YOU, in ADVOCATING for NCCAP, your Certifying body!

**Thank you to those that took the opportunity to advocate/promote your professional credentialing body at your fall activity conferences –

Arlene Tierney-Pierce

During any conference in Northern Nevada NCCAP us advocated, Our surveyors look for NCCAP certification, I also offer classes free of charge or 50 percent off so the students will go after NCCAP certification. I am so proud to be an instructor of MEPAP /1 and 2.

Hi Arlene, I was wondering if you could advice me on any teachers that you would recommend in the Pittsburgh or surrounding area, even online classes? I have found some, but keeping my ears and eyes open to suggestions.

Karon McDonald, ADC

Arlene was my teacher for both MEPAP 1 and 2, I can tell anyone that she is very knowledgeable and helpful, especially if you have any concerns or questions regarding as she teaches her classes. I can also attest to the fun that she makes her classes, which made me want to come to her classes. I have been ADC for many year now, prior a AAC and ADPC and I owe it (almost) all to Arlene Tierney-Pierce In Sparks/ Reno NV. Thanks again for all of your encouragement and belief in me!

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