2015 NCCAP Newsletter-Spring

In This Issue:
NCCAP Social Media
New Board Member- Jane Anderson, BS, ACC
NCCAP President’s Report 2015
NCCAP Executive Director’s Report 2015
NCCAP Treasurer’s Report 2015
Elder Abuse
NCCAP Symposium


Winter 2015 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Impact of Home Care Under Affordable Care Act…The Community First Choice Option
2015 Symposium Invite
Get Involved
NCCAP Expanding Out Social Presence
Have NO Fear, Help is Here!

Fall 2014 Newsletter

In This Issue:
NCCAP Makes Technological Advancements for the Activity Professional
The Changing Health Care World
Imagine This
Getting to Know Your New Board Members
Silent Auction Success
Home Care (Activity) Certification (HCC)

Spring 2014 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Culture Change
NCCAP Salary Survey Results
Do You Want to Change Levels or Add a Certification?
West Virginia Confirms NCCAP Standards
National Exam a Two Year Review
NCCAP Symposium 2014

Winter 2014 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Shake, Stretch, Change
How to Convince?
In Your Own Backyard
The Future of Healthcare
NCCAP Reminder
The LTC Puzzle

Fall 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Welcome Home
Call to Action (2) Update
Summary of Committee Work and Accomplishments
Call for Presentations
Best Practices
Listen and Hear His Desire
Certification Renewals
Live Streaming

Spring 2013 Newsletter

In This Issue:
2013 Symposium
Honoring the Hands of Time…A Tribute to the Elders of Dooley Center
Official Election Ballot 2013
2013 Symposium Agenda

Summer 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
For it’s One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out at the Old Ball Game!
NCCAP Executive Director’s Report
January Chats a Success
Influence of Women
NCCAP State Rep Report
Organizational Vision Statement: What Do We See for Our Future?
Nomination Chair Board Report
2012 NCCAP President’s Report
NCCAP Annual Report for Assisted Living

Spring 2012 Newsletter

In This Issue:
Introducing NCCAP National Exam
Call to Action Report
When Did You Get Here?
Getting to Know Debbie Hommel
2012 Symposium Brouchures Have Been Mailed!
Alzheimer’s and the Baby Boomers
NCCAP Meets with Activity Professional in England

Fall 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
The Bucket List
Walking Away a Winner
NCCAP Helping You to Achieve and Succeed!
NAPA Facing the Challenge
NCCAP State Representative News
On-Line In-Service Education
NCCAP National Exams in Final Stages of Implementation

Summer 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
I Am Still Looking
NCCAP State Representative News
2010-2011 Special Report
Old Activity Directors
NCCAP Board of Directors President’s Annual Report
NCCAP 2011 Election Results
Vice President’s Report
You Light Up My Life

Winter 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue:
A Memorable Week
Call for Action
Getting to Know Michael Ann Bower
NCCAP State Representative News
The Official NCCAP Facebook Site
The Role of a Spouse of an Activity Professional
I am an NCCAP Certified Activity Professional