Old dog new tricks..

I used to say “It’s not that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but rather that we run out of tricks to teach the dog”.. HOWEVER – during this transition of old to new, I’m beginning to challenge that statement. Seems just when I begin to understand a version of windows, POOF, there’s an even newer version to start the learning process all over again. Don’t you ever wanna just say NO, I don’t wish to learn new things, I like my old phone, or the older version of windows or the way things used to be??? Not only are we in an instant gratification society – where a person calls and leaves a voicemail demanding to be called back within 15 minutes, but now we also must adjust to these innovative tools in a shorter amount of time. Craziness if you ask me. Six steps forward, four back, six steps forward three back. Take the recent elections for example, a tremendous amount of communication, clarity and support are garnered by “said congressman”, just to see that he or she wasn’t re-elected. So, you smile, shake it off, and introduce yourself to the newly elected individual who may or may not possess the same invested mentality on the topic of choice. I just wish I could hit the PAUSE button for a spell. Am I against progression, NOT AT ALL – do I wish things would just slow down a spell, YES I DO. Sit, speak, recite the alphabet…wait what?? Until next time


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