MemberClicks, Renewals, and Call To Action
Memberclicks--- We are happy to announce that coming late fall early winter that there will be a new website and database that will be your one stop shop for everything NCCAP!  We listened to your need for being able to do everything online which will include uploading your renewals and so much more! Expired Certification--- We are also happy to announce that if your certification is currently expired and your renewal date was due in 2016-June 30th 2017 that we are offering to waive the late fee/reinstatement fee for a limited time. If your renewal date was during the noted time frame, your renewal must be postmarked between July 1, 2017-Oct 31, 2017 for the fees to be waived. Fees are not waived if your renewal was postmarked prior to July 1, 2017. Call To Action--- November 4th, 2017, Embassy Suites, Raleigh NC, More Information Coming Soon!



18) Individualized Care Planning

• Assessment — MDS & RAP
• Interdisciplinary Team
• Care Planning, Approach, Progress Notes
• Professional Standards
• Legal — Ethical Issues
• Medical Terms
• Charting — Confidentiality
• Patient — Resident Involvement
• For Participant Learning
• Quality Indicators
• Individualized Service Plans
• Person Centered Care Planning/“I” Care Plans

19) Program Management

• Philosophy of Operation
• Expressive/Creative Program Scope — Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, Community, Spiritual, Educational
• Program Planning — Resident Centered
• Organization — Calendar
• Program Implementation — Conducting Activities
• Evaluation Techniques
• Operating Audio—Visual Equipment
• Equipment & Supplies — Control, Safety Precautions, Resource Materials, Ordering
• Modes of Programming
• Operating Facility Vehicles

20) Computer Skills

• Word Processing
• Database
• Charting
• Desktop Publishing
• Games
• Participant Learning
• Internet

21) Program Types — Theory and Practice

• Supportive
• Maintenance
• Empowerment
• Exercise — General, Volleyball, e.g., Wheelchair, Reike, Tae Kwon Do, Yoga, etc.
• Social — e.g., Parties
• Outdoor — e.g., Barbecues, Games, Walks
• Away from the Facility — e.g., Visits to Community Places of Interest
• Religious — e.g., Bible Study, Services
• Creative — e.g., Crafts, Drama, Writing, Journaling, Scrapbooking,
• Educational — e.g., Current Events, Alzheimer’s Group, Adult Learning
• Residents with special needs — e.g., AIDS, DDs, MRs, MS et al.
• Resident Planned — e.g., Resident Council or Any Activity
• In-Room — e.g., Adapt Out-of-Room Activities
• Sensory — e.g., Braille Materials, Any Sensory Stimulation, Pet, Food Related, SnozelenTM, Meditation, Massage, Reflexology
• Reality Awareness e.g., with Other Programs
• Entertainment — e.g., Games, Entertainer Resources
• Self Help — e.g., Nail Polishing Group, Independent Activities
• Music — Basic & Adaptive Techniques

1. Accompaniment Instrument-Chord Structure, Ear Training
2. Recreational — Rhythm Instruments, Musical Games, Movement, Literature for the Aged

• Community Oriented e.g., Intergenerational, Community Groups in the Facility
• Computer Based
• Lesson Planning
• Technological Advancements
• Wii
• Outings/Policies and Procedures
• Recreational/Leisure Vehicle Training
• Bar Tending/Mixology/Wine Tasting
• Proper Food Handling Management/Personnel, Legal and Ethical Issues