MemberClicks, Renewals, and Call To Action
Memberclicks--- We are happy to announce that coming late fall early winter that there will be a new website and database that will be your one stop shop for everything NCCAP!  We listened to your need for being able to do everything online which will include uploading your renewals and so much more! Expired Certification--- We are also happy to announce that if your certification is currently expired and your renewal date was due in 2016-June 30th 2017 that we are offering to waive the late fee/reinstatement fee for a limited time. If your renewal date was during the noted time frame, your renewal must be postmarked between July 1, 2017-Oct 31, 2017 for the fees to be waived. Fees are not waived if your renewal was postmarked prior to July 1, 2017. Call To Action--- November 4th, 2017, Embassy Suites, Raleigh NC, More Information Coming Soon!

Requirements for Pre-Approval of Educational Sessions



1. CONTENT of educational session must clearly be embodied in the NCCAP Body of Knowledge or reflect current needs or practice in activities. Educational session must be outlined, including time frames of instruction.

2. PURPOSE of the educational session must be stated in educational terms.

3. OBJECTIVES of the session must be given in measurable terms (e.g., “Participants will be able to…”).

4. LENGTH of the presentation must be at least 60 minutes.

5. TOURS may be pre-approved if they are structured properly and held in conjunction with a state or national convention. There is an additional form to be completed for tours. The form may be requested from the NCCAP office.



Presenter’s experience, education and/or certification must be relevant to content or educational session being presented. A brief summary of this information must be submitted.


Methods of presentation must be stated: Lecture, discussion, audio-visual, experimental, etc.


An evaluation form must be completed by participants to evaluate the session. Submit a sample copy of the form with the application. Evaluations must be kept on file by the sponsor for 5 years. NCCAP may randomly conduct an audit requesting this information. The evaluation should include questions about the content and the instructor. Examples: Did this course meet the objectives? Was the instructor able to convey the information in an understandable manner?


Certificates of attendance must be awarded to each participant. A completed sample certificate that will be distributed to the participants must be submitted with the application. Once a pre-approval number is assigned, the certificate may not be altered. If the certificate is altered, it may not be accepted for certification or recertification. Certificates should preferably be distributed at the conclusion of the session or not later than thirty (30) days following the workshop. Participants use these certificates to complete certification or recertification requirements. Caution should be used when choosing paper color because copies are submitted from the originals. Certificates used for multiple/concurrent sessions must clearly identify the specific session attended.


Sponsor of the educational session must retain a record of participants attending complete session. In addition, the evaluations completed by the participants must be maintained. These records may be requested by NCCAP on occasion. These records should be maintained for a 5-year period. The sponsor must address the replacement of lost certificates with participants. NCCAP will refer questions about replacement certificates to the sponsor. Replacement of the certificate is not the responsibility of NCCAP.


The pre-approval number is applicable for each presentation of the educational session, no matter how many times it is presented in a year, as long as the instructor and the content remain exactly the same, including the number of hours. NCCAP must be notified of subsequent dates and locations. The pre-approval number must be renewed annually with a US$30.00 fee.


Fees for pre-approval numbers are based on the amount of continuing education awarded:

1 – 8 hours = US$57.00
• 8.5 – 16.5 hours = US$77.00
17 or more hours = US$127.00


For educational sessions that are offered year after year, an annual renewal fee will be charged of US$30.00. To be eligible to renew, the instructor and content of the workshop must be the same as when the number was assigned. A reminder to renew will be sent from NCCAP 90 days in advance of the expiration date. Applicants are asked to indicate on the application that the session may be eligible for annual renewal.



Educational Pre-approval Application