Review Procedures


1. Sponsor or instructor of educational session submits completed application to the NCCAP office along with appropriate fee.

2. NCCAP staff receives file, deposits fee, and forwards the application to a reviewer on the Continuing Education Review Committee.

3. If application meets all requirements, representative will be notified of the pre-approval number. This number may be used on publicity tools and certificates of attendance for this educational session.

4. The representative will be notified of the additional information needed as well as charged a US$15.00 fee. Applications with incomplete information will be kept on file until the date of the session OR for six (6) months, at which time the application will be destroyed. The original application fee will be returned minus a US$25.00 processing fee and any refiling fees charged.

5. It is recommended that applications be submitted 60 – 90 days prior to the start of an educational session. Publicity may not state “NCCAP pre-approved” until the number is assigned. “Application for NCCAP pre-approval of this session has been submitted” may appear.

6. Questions about interpretation of criteria should be directed to the NCCAP office. Non-approval of an application may be appealed to the NCCAP Appeals Committee. A typed letter of appeal must be received by the NCCAP office within 60 days of notification of the decision.