Save the BEST for last –

Typically, I attempt to share something inspirational, thought provoking and even a bit educational, with a bit of Cindy thrown in the mix…for this posting, I am giving you a gift of sorts, as I wish to share a piece of the BEST with you – I met this “UN I QUE” person at a national activity conference nearly 20 years ago. First I had heard her share with the group at a session. In response to a participant question of “how could they do something for a resident”, the speaker replied, “well unfortunately that can’t be done”. Nancy jumped up started flailing her arms and said “NOT”, and proceeded to inform the group that there is no such thing as CAN’T when it comes to the residents, that it is THEIR home and what they want they should get no question, no permission, just plain and simple make it happen. You see to Nancy, she didn’t just say it, she lived it. She took a man on a pontoon boat to fish, called me to share how happy he was. The man couldn’t barely talk he was so excited he had caught several fish. Another lady called me from a restaurant and said “Zig”, my nickname Nancy used – guess what I am eating???Guess, guess, guess – then she proceeded to tell me that she had consumed numerous things that she could no longer get at the facility. Homemade recipes that took her back to her childhood. Out of her own pocket, Nancy transformed the facility for all the events. No such thing as a party with balloons and a cake, oh heck no – we spent hours painting black bricks on yellow carpet and gluing paper plates to line the sidewalks with “lolly pops” for her Wizard of Oz party, gathered gallons of sand for the beach party, and brought in the actual players from spring training for the annual Steelers party, just to name a few. She dressed up for every holiday, in head to toe costumes, shamrocks, easter egg, lady liberty and so forth. She was all kinds of crazy, often wild and a bit eccentric personally, yet she took her profession quite seriously. She encouraged others to become NCCAP certified, gave out scholarships for people to take the MEPAP classes, served on the national board, and would’ve given anyone the shirt off her back. Her legacy will live on through all the lives she touched, all the residents that had quality experiences as a result of her efforts, and through all of us who loved her BEST….


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