Specialty Tracks


Specialization in Assisted Living
Specialization in Memory Care
Specialization in Adult Day Programs

Person Centered Care

Home Care Specialization
Specialization in Educating

For each desired designation, the individual must submit evidence showing 10 CE’s from the Specialization Body of Knowledge topic areas.

If an individual will be requesting their initial specialization at the same time as their renewal, they would submit the required number of CE’s and fee for their renewal PLUS the additional 10 CE’s and $25.00 PER each specialization they are requesting.

If a person will only be requesting the specialization not in conjunction with their renewal they would simply send the 10 CE’s and $25.00 fee for each specialization they are requesting.

Verification that the CE’s come from the designated specialization track is the responsibility of the applicant. Initial specializations can go back 5 years for their CE’s, and renewal specializations can go back 2 years, in keeping with the NCCAP standards.

ADC title example
A Specialization in Assisted Living would be ADC/ALF
A Specialization in Memory Care would be ADC/MC
A Specialization in Adult Day Programs would be ADC/AD
A Specialization in Educating would be ADC/EDU

A Specialization in Home Care would be ADC/HC

AAC would be AAC/ALF, AAC/MC, AAC/AD, etc.
ACC would be ACC/ALF, etc.


Specialization Fees:

Initial specialization costs $25.00 per specialization. Renewal is required every two years with 10 hours of continuing education and a fee of $10.00 per specialization.