Step up to the plate…

The expression “step up to the plate” among other definitions, also refers to “voluntarily assuming responsibility for something.” As I have traveled across the United States the past 21 years, I have had the opportunity to meet some real dynamic activity associations that are led by volunteers who have committed themselves to the success of the group for the betterment of the profession. They are as someone in my past once referred to them as, the “workhorses”. Typically, they are the board members that have been on the board for more years than they can remember and seemingly exist for the sole purpose of organizing educational conferences and business for their membership. Sure, these folks might shift positions, titles and/or responsibilities, but generally even after soliciting for new blood, the result remains the same. I came across a photo of a Board of Directors that I have been serving on for 12 years, and everyone in the picture is still on the board. Where did the level of commitment go? Is it there, just manifested in a different way? Is it the age of technology or instant gratification that has made the concept of setting around a board table nearly a thing of the past? I don’t really have the answer, yet the expression that comes to mind to those that judge or are critical of these few, dedicated individuals in each association, is “put up or shut up”..which really translates to either stop complaining or do something to improve the situation. Step up to the plate, get into the position and actually SWING…help the team, win the game!


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