Suck it up Buttercup…..

Someone once told me to NEVER look up and say “what else could happen” without being prepared for the answer…WISE WISE advise. Since April the copy machine died, the postage machine became extinct, our “21 year” valued employee retired, our clerical person left the country, we got a new accountant, the microwave quit working, the toilet overflowed, my AOL account froze, the computer blue screened and the printer on my desk smoked then ceased functioning – oh and did I mention we had floods in Virginia Beach over Labor Day, hurricane Matthew came for a week long disastrous visit and we ended that storm with a dash of a Nor’easter on top…tired yet? SO, in the past three weeks we have installed new computers, now use GMAIL and have transitioned from Windows 7 to Windows 10 version! SO in keeping with my quest to focus on the positives; since April, NCCAP had its highest attendance yet at a symposium, we had over 20 people from out of the country, we have started the ADSC credential for those in Adult Day Services, been invited to participate in over 12 conferences, have vended at 6 venues, have raised over 4,500 to assist the facilities affected by the WV floods, have taught over 89 instructors in 11 different locations the MEPAP refresher, have completed a Bridge class for NM individuals wanting NCCAP certification, and so much more. “Pause, breathe, cry if you must, but keep going”, author unknown.


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