I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars…

Have you ever been told you are “too honest” or “brutally honest”? I get told that frequently. .and it always makes me smile, as I think it’s a great thing.. as well as between my integrity and my Christianity, it’s impossible for me to be anything but! I was pondering this point and reflecting on the numerous people I have encountered both personally and professionally over the past couple decades – I thought it would be REALLY neat to HIGHLIGHT a few people, and then ask you all to do the same. So from MY current state of Virginia~(in addition to my daughter Kelly Bradshaw) I’d like to “TIP MY HAT” to Tina Guthrie of Hampton Roads..and her level of dedication and commitment to the field..she definitely is told she has NO filter, yet she has done so much for the activity association since I met her as a student back in 2001. Also I’d like to mention my immediate VAAP Board members who work tirelessly each year to put on conferences and educational offerings for the members…here’s to Jo, Tricia, Robin, Natalie & the other board members… NOW, won’t you join me in sharing someone from YOUR state that gives their all, asking nothing in return?!!(Tracy Byrd, Keeper of the Stars)


My contact number are 775-355-6141 or in the evening 775-409-3950. Please change this information on the instructor’s list.
It is appreciated.

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